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Last Update : Dec 27, 1999


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Date: Dec 27, 1999
From: Arief Kurniawan

Hi, I'm from Indonesia, I'm just wandering why Paul Gilbert is not playing on MR. BIG newest album. Is he really replaced by Richie ? Why ?

Date: Dec 24, 1999
From: http://members.tripod.com/j_jewell

to billy sheehan!hello!It was 1987 when I graduated the first class of vocalists and there tyou were on the second floor behind little class windows(not 95/98)but close enough to apreciate what you were teaching and why?You care about music I guess.It`s a priority to be present everyday with ones peers and colleges,and as long as you are present your makeing it big!I`ll say it again this way "makeing it"big*

I composed and conducted new millennium symphony entity(a 26 instrument entity)on may 17th 1999 and started a new direction for my post m.i. study of composition and preformance.I dont always have to be the star.I wrote the tenor aria for a friend who is also a great vocalist!****feel free to visit my web site and ask any questions in my guest book regarding voice orchestra and care.I have used everything I learned at v.i.t. and have mastered my understanding of the vocal method to quip along at an atom splitting genius pace recalling every lesson in a most timely manner when preforming!

Date: Dec 22, 1999
From: Valentin Martins

Greetings to all Mr. Big fans all over the World ! Please visit Europe again, especially Germany!

Date: Dec 20, 1999
From: kyo

Hi! I'm Japanese. So I can speak English a littele. But I like Mr BIG! I want your mail! And I like B'z. They have good music!

Date: Dec 12, 1999
From: Rus - Shadow Stealth


Date: Dec 12, 1999
From: Winston Wong

Eric What happening? I got a new band together, wer'e called "No Excuse" Band. Dave Notary, Johnny Odea, Dave Anderson and Myself. We have been playing local clubs and it's been fun. I'ts a killer band. I'm also working on an album in Jan. 2000 with a friend who signed a record deal with a company out of england and now Sony records is picking up the contract. I'll let you know more about it later.Let me know when you guys are playing locally. Keep in touch. you now have my E-mail address.
Date: Dec 12, 1999
From: jeffy
im just looking for the name of the venue where mr.big played on 10-29-93. in japan. can anyone help?
Date: Dec 10, 1999
From: shawn soens
Hi guy's I've been a fan of Mr.Big for a long time. I first saw you in St. Louis MO. When you opened for rush. I Just would like to know if we are going to be able to get the New single in the U.S. Nice to know that your still out there and I hope that you guys come back to the state soon. Good Luck!!!!
Date: Dec 8, 1999
From: Danny Marz
Hey guys just want to know when you are coming back to Ventura Ca.? I met Eric there many years ago, when he was in 415. After meeting Eric and the guys in 415. I would go up to northern Ca. for most there big shows.It was always alot of fun. Then came Mr. Big. What a great band and how cool it was to see them jammin in Ventura Ca. Eric gave me and my girl friend after show passes so we got to meet and have a few beers with all of the guys in Mr. Big. Hope to see you soon in Ventura Ca. From your friend who broke both his legs on that motorcycle LATER
Date: Dec 7, 1999
From: chris lewis
MR.BIG continues to rock and impress me. 'Get Over It' is a very good cd to say the least. Heavy, melodic, and lots of groove is the best way to describe it. Some very impressive songwriting I must add, especially the tracks 'Electrified', 'My New Religion', and 'Super- fantastic'. However, what really struck me was the songs that were so catchy that I was humming and singing them for days after my first listen!! These included 'Static', 'Hole in the Sun', and (my fave) 'How Does it Feel'. Excellent release guys....and hats off to Richie Kotzen for filling some big shoes.
My band would love to cover and record an old Talas song, with help from our friend Phil Naro (singer from Talas). We would love to mail the recording to Billy and ask him to play bass on one of his old tunes. If anyone knows how to contact Mr. Sheehan (email, mail, etc.) please let me know. Thanks all! And keep waving the MR.BIG banner high. These guys are one of the most talented bands out there. They deserve so much more recognition.
Peace to all.
Chris Lewis
(drummer for independent band RAMPAGE)
Date: Dec 6, 1999
From: Endrasto Pandu Priantoro
I come from Indonesia, and I have seen your concert in Surabaya, Indonesia. And I'm a drummer in my band.

Because You're my most favourite band, especially Pat Torpey, So good luck for your new album. I hope you're still my most favourite band always.

Good Luck.
Date: Nov 27, 1999
From: Katie Cammack - MAC
Hi Guys,
I have missed you like rotten. Met Eric and his lovely wife at the pub next to the the Cambridge Corn Exchange a few years ago. Have waited desperately to see the band again. I see you are playing in Japan with Aerosmith. Makes me want to get in major debt just to see my two favorite bands!!
I have been in England now some time and listening to your music makes me home sick for California, where I grew up. My song is 'Just Take My Heart'. Love you guys, even took up bass playing for a while, but split up with my drummer boyfriend. Some guys are so fickle!!
Please let me know when you'll be here or in California next. I'll try to organise a holiday around seeing the band.
Missing you loads. Keep Rockin!!!
Katie oxoxoxox!!!!
Date: Nov 24, 1999
From: abay
good luck!!!!
Date: Nov 24, 1999
From: ells
Whats happening guys!Looking forward to the new album(thats if its available in Scotland) Not seen you since the Glasgow Barrowlands on the Bump Ahead Tour. Are you coming over to tour the new album. You've still got plenty of fans over here. Stick in and all the best from Bonnie Scotland,

Date: Nov 19, 1999
From: Joey
Very very cool webpage for the greatest band in the world!!! Killer pics, video footage....awesome job!!! Keep up the great work!!
Date: Nov 6, 1999
From: Shadow Stealth
Date: Nov 5, 1999
From: Alex
I bought your latest album Get Over It. Buy I was shocked to know that Paul Gilbert is no longer there! Where are you Paul? We really want you back!!
Date: Sep 17, 1999
From: Todd
MR. BIG is the coolest band on the planet! I'm so glad that the band is still together and going strong (Chiho & Ayako told me that all is well with the band). I only hope that MR. BIG comes to perform here in Ohio -USA really soon. You rule Pat!

Kidd Wicked drummer & Mr. Big fan,
Todd Shelly
Date: Aug 30, 1999
From: Amanda
Whoa! Wait a minute! i thought you guys were not together anymore? Oh please, if that is true, get back together and create some more music for all of us fans! I have all the albums, and it would greatly disappoint me if that was it. I'm from the Philippines, and sadly i did not get to watch your concert here years before. Please have another tour, and i will be so happy to watch you guys finally. Love and kisses to all of you, Eric, Pat, Billy and Paul. You guys are the best! No doubt about that! please, if you have the time, write back to me. I will be so honored to have an email from you. See ya!

Love, Amanda
Date: Aug 15, 1999
From: Saskia
Hi !! You're the best !! Don't forget Holland on your next tour !!
Date: Aug 15, 1999
From: Carolina
Hi!! I love your website MR.BIG BUG, good job.
Please!! MR.BIG don
See you,
Date: Aug 13, 1999
From: SueYaz
Keep up the good work guys! So glad to hear rock is still "Alive and Kickin".. Hail the return of guitar and unbelievable vocals (Eric, you have no competition in the rock-voice-of-the-world category). A band like Mr. Big should only get BIGGER!! Spread the sound and never sell out! Stay true.! Can't wait to buy the new one.. Need another "BIG" disc to wear thin. See ya 8/25 at New Georges.
Date: Jul 18, 1999
From: Jennia
Mr. Big is awesome!! Me and my friends sing "TO BE WITH YOU" and it keeps us all together!!!! Please start singing it again! Put the while song on the net so I can download it for my computer....I love ys guys

Date: Jul 14, 1999
From: victoria

Boy, was I a day late and a dollar short when you guys were together in 1992. In 95 I had picked up one those compilation's with various bands, I think the song I had heard was "Had Enough" (that actually was the only song on that tape) Well soon after that song was worn out, It was time to purchase the Mr. Big C.D. That did it, I was stuck. Your music was the essence of what rock and roll is and should be. You guys are great and Im looking forward to catching this 2nd wave and riding thru. Good Luck! And, Paul, I'm sorry that you won't be there. I wish you the best of luck in your new endevours.

Date: Jul 3, 1999
From: gabucho

your are the best band in the world,
please don
we are waiting for you
good luck!!!!!

Date: Jul 2, 1999
From: RUS- Shadow Stealth

Please be informed the PAUL GILBERT have release his solo LIVE album - 'BEE HIVE' on the 30th JUNE 1999! For more infos, please do drop by via his OFFICIAL web site at the following URL:- http://www.paulgilbert.com

Date: Jun 26, 1999
From: D-P

Well iv been looking for that song to be with you for a very long time now.. i never new about you guys i just rember lestening to it on the radio.. and i loved it.. well now i know your band name ill get the CD



Date: Jun 18, 1999
From: Shadow Stealth

I received a personal mail from PAUL GILBERT saying that he will be releasing a new LIVE ablum titled 'BEEHIVE LIVE' and on top of that 'FLYING DOG' album will be releasing INTERNATIONAL soon. He has an Official Web page too. URL: http://www.paulgilbert.com Woohoo! Spread the word around town.... Thanks!

Date: Jun 4, 1999
From: goang- bok


Date: May 27, 1999
From: penguin

Mr. Big rocks!!! When are you guys coming to Halifax? I wanna se you soon. I'm the one who wants to be with you!!!!! Make your big comeback.

Date: May 24, 1999
From: Webmaster

Mr. Big is making their new album!

Date: May 24, 1999
From: earl ryan

is there still a MR. BIG band. If the band is still there when will u make another album.

plz reply me

Date: May 9, 1999
From: Joss

when you guys tour next, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease don't forget Europe, especially the UK! You have so many fans here, as you can see from just reading this page! We love you!!


Date: May 8, 1999
From: Jen&Julie

Hey you guys!

We are constantly hungry for any new material we can get our hands on!
We have all of your videos and C.D.'s and we love them so much!
We had to at least check in and let you and the world know that if we ever get the chance we will be right there, waiting 2 be with you......

Date: May 8, 1999
From: Monkey

hi hi...

it is very great to find thit wed-site i find i long time to get mr big's info but i wonder what do i get mr big's choud.

Date: Apr 28, 1999
From: KIKI

I don't know, what I should write right now. That's why I'm just saying: "Have a nice day! Don't forget East-Germany this time around, when you're on tour!!!
See you!!"

Date: Apr 24, 1999
From: Sibylle

I'm from Switzerland and I just wanted to say we love you here, too!
Hope you won't forget our little country ...


Date: Apr 16, 1999
From: Gary Shamrock from Buffalo NY

The solo stuff has been great but would love to see a new big album and tour back in Buffalo. Keep up the good tunes.

Date: Apr 16, 1999
From: Pepper Martin

Hello my friend
just to update you Eric's last 2 solo gigs (at least for now) will be on 4/16 and 4/24 at New Georges and Inn of the Beginning in the Bay area. Then it's off to the studio and away we go with MR BIG. Everyone should be happy about this - I know Eric, Billy and Pat are. It's a little disapointing about Paul - but Ritchie will fit in beautifully. He's a fantastic guitarist, great vocalist and a great songwriter and "that ain't bad". Check out my page (it's easier to get there now - just ERICMARTIN.COM) and I will be posting MR BIG news as soon as I get it from the guys

Date: Apr 2, 1999
From: Andres Deris

I come to tell them that I am fan of you, and I believe that this in the hour of to leave the happy personnel with more an album that such in? You are excellent musicians and to music of you they get to play in our hearts, my favorite songs are:

Daddy, Brother,Lover,Little Boy
Green-Tinted Sixties Mind
Voodoo Kiss
enter other!!

I hope you come back of those long ones you hurt and they swallow us new musical surprises! Forced to you of MR BIG

See ya

Date: Mar 27, 1999
From: Jacksonbass

P.S. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY To Billy Sheehan On March 19'th.)

Date: Mar 27, 1999
From: Jacksonbass

Hello, I'm a Bass Player from Michigan & My biggest influence is Mr. Billy Sheehan. When is the next Mr. Big Album coming out? Please visit my (Guitar Player Register) @ "http://www.InsideTheWeb.com/mbs.cgi/mb368774"
Thanks, Jacksonbass.

Date: Mar 24, 1999
From: Andi from Munich Germany

Can't wait for a new CD from you Guys!

Date: Mar 22, 1999
From: Rocky

Love the Music. I just turned 40. My kids enjoy Lean into It too.

Date: Mar 13, 1999
From: Todd: A Drummer in Cleveland!

Hey Paul,
I just wanted to tell you how much I dig your new disc..Flying Dog. Not only do you shred like a madman, but your band members are quite the talent as well. I know this because Mike and Johnny are pals of mine. Tell em' I said "Hey!" Also, your taking my frontman/guitarist to Japan with you...Billy Morris. He's lookin' so forward to jammin' with you. We're all big fans of yours, so this is really overwhelming for us all. I'm sure you and Mike will teach the little punk a thing or two..ha-ha! Good luck with the tour,my friend, keep it up! Take care. KIDD WICKED!!
your pal,Todd

Date: Mar 9, 1999

Hey man don't forget our World Number # 1 Bass Man Birthday.
It's on the 19 March. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILLY SHEEHAN. Yeehah!
You still looking good buddy. Be COOL!

Date: Feb 27, 1999
From: Tresa

Great site, loved Mr.Big from the start, there is not and will never be another band like them. They are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!


Date: Feb 25, 1999
From: deadPoEt

Mr big....ups the best rock band after deep purple...ups...ehehehhehe
paul gilbert you
Jorge Lopes

Date: Feb 21, 1999



HEY PAUL WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!! I've been looking all over for ya!!!

Date: Jan 29, 1999
From: angie

Hi guys,
It is about time you come to Europe.
You do have fans here you know.
Combine a little tour with a vacation here, we have a lot of nice sites to check out.
By the way, while you are here, please visit Holland.
You are great!!!
Love Angie

Date: Jan 26, 1999
From: Tammy

Just wanted to say hello and that i was so glad to find this page. Nice to see Some fans are still out there!!

Date: Jan 13, 1999
From: Mark Holley - SEDONA

Great Page.....Thanks for the kind words on our cd's!



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