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Pat Torpey Q&A, June 1998

Last Update : Jun 11, 1998


Pat Torpey came to Japan for the promotion of "Odd Man Out". He answered questions from Mr. Big mailing list. Thanks Pat!

How long were you working on making this album?
I worked on the album from Nov. 97 - May 98. We worked in broken time spaces to accommodate peoples' schedules.

How is it different for you to make your own solo album and to make Mr. Big album?
The difference is, I was working on everything myself. The final decisions rested on me.

Are you planning on touring after the album comes out? Are you going to sing and play the drums at the same time on a stage?
I am planning to tour as soon as possible. I will bring another drummer and sing behind the drums as well as the lead singer.

What is your most favorite part of this album? If you were a promoter of "Odd Man Out", what are you going to say about it?
I am just happy to have completed the album. Singing all the songs was a real accomplishment for me. If you like Mr. Big, you'll like my album.

When did you start writing your solo stuff?
I started writing last summer (1997).

Paul and Billy are playing for some tunes. When and why did you ask them? Is it true that you talked to Paul to play for your album at the Troubadour in LA?
I asked Paul & Billy around the same time they asked me to play on theirs. I asked Paul before the Troubadour show.

I saw you cut your hair short, and you look great! You were asked "Why do you keep your hair long?" in Thailand when you were there for "HEY MAN" promotion, and you answered "One reason is that my wife likes my hair long." Does she like your hair short now? (I'm just kidding. (^ ^) I do like it.)
My wife likes my hair long and she said it was O.K. to try it short just not too short.



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