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Interview with Billy Sheehan (Autumn 1999)

by Hiroshi

Last Update : Oct 28, 1999

What is your most favorite thing about Niacin?

Getting to play with amazing musicians with total freedom to create. I love to improvise while I play. Niacin is perfect for that!

Are there any possibilities to feature vocals? (except Glenn Hughes)

I don't know. No plans for that right now.

I have read an interview that you were not going to feature guitar in Niacin before, but why do you decide to feature one?

We wanted to try ONE SONG that was a little different. Just for fun.

Are there any possibilities to have a guest player on the bass? If there are, who would you pick out?

Tim Bogert, Doug Pinneck, Oteil Burbridge. No plans to do that at all though.

Are there any Mr. Big songs Niacin might cover?

Not that I can think of.

How about the show with Vital Information on January 28th, 1999?

We had a blast!

What is the Niacin's future vision?

More shows, more albums, more everything!

It would be interesting for me if Vertu plays 1st stage, and Niacin plays main. What do you think?

Cool! I'd love it!

When can we go to the Niacin shows in Japan?

First part of February 2000. We'll be there!

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