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Last Update : Dec 5, 1999

Nov 1, 1999

Sound message from Billy Sheehan (MP3: 263KB)
Sound message from John Novello (MP3 : 190KB)


Aug 22, 1998

Video message from John Novello

[Video John](740KB)

Aug 17, 1998

Video message from Billy Sheehan

[Video Billy](787KB)

Apr 8, 1998

Niacin promotion in Japan

Billy Sheehan [handwriting](8KB)

John Novello [handwriting](8KB)

Mar 23, 1998

The new Niacin has gotten incredible reviews and reaction in the USA! Everyone that's heard it has had great things to say! We are VERY thankful! Pat Torpey loves it too!

Billy Sheehan

Feb 15, 1998

Niacin promotion in Japan (Billy Sheehan and John Novello)


Oct 9, 1997

Niacin in Japan

Billy Sheehan [handwriting](9KB)

John Novello [handwriting](7KB)

Dennis Chambers [handwriting](8KB)

Aug 24, 1997

Say everybody,

Can't wait to October 97 when we arrive to Japan to play again for you.
See you soon!

John Novello

Oct 28/30, 1996

To all my Niacin fan club friends
I love you ALL!!
Billy Sheehan
[handwriting] (6KB)

It was fantastic playing for all of you - you are the best fans!
Domo arigato!

John Novello
[handwriting] (8KB)

Drum: Dennis Chambers
Thank for everything
God Bless the Japanese.

[handwriting] (6KB)

Sep 27, 1996

Dear all,

I was surfing the Net the other night and found all the great NIACIN stuff you guys put together. I too am very honored and really loved everything. I can't wait to come to Japan and play my B3 for you. I'm doing nothing but practicing all day every day just so I can play for you at the Blue Note. Wow, fantastic stuff and I love all the backgrounf B3's on the home page.

See you all soon,


John Novello

Sep 19, 1996

Hello Everybody!!!!!
I love the Niacin home page! What a great honor to have this! I can't wait until we get to Japan to play for you. I hope you enjoy our shows, and I'm looking forward to seeing you all again!
DOMO ARIGATI!!!!!!!!!!!!
Billy Sheehan


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