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Interview with Billy Sheehan (Autumn 1999)

by Hiroshi

Last Update : Oct 28, 1999

How do you describe Mr. Big's new album?

All the right stuff! Great songs, Great playing and singing

Whose idea is the album title "Get Over It"?

I think it was mine, but I can't remember

How did the recording went?

Easy! The most fun we've ever had in the studio!

How is it like to play with Richie?

Great! It's a blast!

What is your impression about Richie's play?

I love his style and I love his tone!

What is your impression about Richie's past albums?

Amazing burning guitar! Also cool soulful songs!

What do you think is the biggest difference between former Mr. Big and current Mr. Big?

We can do more now. All the fast playing of before, plus cool soulful blues that we never had before.

Are you going to play old Mr. Big songs at shows?

Of course! We are Mr. Big!

Are you going to play any unique cover songs at shows?

Surprise! You'll have to come to find out!

When did you decide to re-form Mr. Big?

Reform? Never! We were never "Un"- formed!

What did you enjoy the most during the recording of the latest Mr.Big album?

Working with Pat Regan as producer. He made it so easy and fun.

Have you listened to Eric's solo album and Pat's one?

No. not yet. No time.

What is the Mr. Big's future vision? Are you keeping the Mr. Big taste and character, or is it going to be a little bit different?

Keeping what we had, and adding more to it!

At last, the long-waited Mr. Big is back. However, when Mr. Big was taking a long break, did you ever think of quitting or breaking it up?

Not really.

Did you play your "Wife" bass in new album?

No, she's kept in a safe place!

When can we go to the Mr. Big shows in Japan?

We start on New Years Eve with Aerosmith at the Osaka Dome. Then, many shows in Japan. Then the rest of the world.

What do you think of the other bassists' play? (Ex. John Patitucci, Jonas Hellborg and Tony Levin)

Incredible!!! I love them all.

Did you see any good shows recently? If you did, what were they / was it?

No time to go out. Sorry!

What is your first priority at this point? Mr. Big, Niacin, or solo work?

Mr. Big, then Niacin, then solo.

What changes are there in your equipment?

Ampeg SVT 4 Pro w/ 8x10 cabinets, and my green bass. Plus I played acoustic guitar on several songs and 12 string guitar on "New Religion"

How about the BASS DAY '97?

I had a wonderful time playing with all those amazing bass players!

How about the ROCK WALK induction?

What a great honor!!

Have you played with Cozy Powell?

Yes. What a tragic loss his death was. He will be missed.

Will you have a Talas concert in Buffalo in this year?

Not sure.

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