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All we support the king of bassist Billy Sheehan!

BAD BILLY CLUB : Unofficial fan club for "The King of Bassist" Billy Sheehan (MR. BIG, NIACIN, ex TALAS, U.F.O., DAVID LEE ROTH)

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Interview with Billy (2001)

Interview with Billy (1999) : Aboout MR. BIG, About Niacin

Message from Billy on the motion picture

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Last Update : May 17, 2003
since Feb 24, 1996

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What's New
  1. Influences and Connections
    "Influences and Connections" will be released. Billy played on "Mr. Big".
    (May 17, 2003)

  2. Black Utopia
    Derek Sherinian's "Black Utopia" was released on April 15th. Billy played on "The Sons of Anu", "Axis of Evil" and "Black Utopia".
    (May 17, 2003)

  3. Happy Birthday To Billy!
    (Mar 19, 2002)

  4. Black Utopia
    Billy played on Black Utopia, Derek Sherinian's (Planet X, ex. Dream Theater) new solo album. It will be released on April 22nd in Japan. Other guests : Yngwie Malmsteen (g), Al DiMeola (g), Zakk Wylde (g), Steve Lukather (g), Simon Phillips (dr), Tony Franklin (b), Brian Tichy (g), Jerry Goodman (violin)
    (Mar 16, 2003)

  5. Glenn Hughes
    Billy played on Glenn Hughes's new solo album.
    (Mar 16, 2003)

  6. Paul Gilbert
    Billy played with Paul Gilbert and Gary Cherone at Viper Room in LA.
    (Mar 16, 2003)

  7. Richie Kotzen's new album "Change" will be released on March 19th in Japan. Billy played on "Out Take" and Pat Torpey played on "High" and "Out Take".

    Richie Kotzen / Change
    YCCY-00006 / Yamaha Music Communications / 2003 / Japan
    1. Forever One
    2. Get A Life
    3. Change
    4. Don't Ask
    5. Deeper (Into You)
    6. High
    7. Am I Dreamin
    8. Shine (acoustic version)
    9. Good For Me
    10. Fast Money Fast Cars
    11. Unity (jazz bee bop instrumental)
    12. Out Take (bonus track)

    (Mar 16, 2003)

  8. Change
    Richie Kotzen's new album "Change" will be released on March 19th in Japan. Billy and Pat Torpey played on the bonus track.
    (Feb 17, 2003)

  9. YAMAHA Billy Sheehan Special
    YAMAHA Billy Sheehan Special
    A long Interview, message movies, and more.
    (Feb 1, 2003)

  10. B'z - Beautiful Reel
    DVD "B'z - Beautiful Reel" was released on November 17th.
    (Dec 31, 2002)

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