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Last Update : Jul 27, 2002

Bass Clinic in Slovakia

Apr 23, 2002
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by courtesy of Chulla

Bass Clinic at Rimini Trade Show, Italy

Thanks to Maria Paola

Bass Clinic in Kyoto, Japan

Sep 15, 2001
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(52KB) (56KB) (60KB)

G3, 2001

Jul 1, 2001
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(95KB) (127KB)

G3, 2001

Copyright(C) 2001, Theresa Cameron

Jun 27, 2001
(57KB) (45KB) (66KB)

Jun 29, 2001

Clinic in Brazil, 2000

(by courtesy of Thais)
pic(62KB) pic(42KB)
pic(47KB) pic(40KB) pic(34KB)

Rock Walk


Bass Clinic in Singapore

(by courtesy of Mervyn)
pic(37KB) pic(37KB) pic(30KB)

Mr. Big live at Hobies Roadhouse in Concord, CA

Dec 9, 1999(by courtesy of Sue)
pic(86KB) pic(76KB) pic(85KB) pic(86KB)
pic(80KB) pic(86KB) pic(78KB) pic(80KB)

Promotion in Japan

Nov 1, 1999
pic(78KB) pic(45KB) pic(48KB) pic(52KB) pic(43KB) pic(65KB)

Rock'n Roll Halloween 1999

Oct 31, 1999

Talas in Japan

Sep 12, 1998
pic(28KB) pic(40KB)

pic(28KB) pic(24KB)

pic(40KB) pic(43KB)

pic(44KB) pic(29KB) pic(34KB)

Bass Clinic in Singapore

Sep 24, 1997 (by courtesy of Kelvin)
pic (41KB)

Billy Sheehan Super Bass Technique '97

Sep 15, 1997
pic (33KB)

Sep 14, 1997 (by courtesy of Mr. Hayama)
pic (45KB) pic (41KB) pic (37KB)

Sep 13, 1997
pic (22KB)

'96 in Japan

with flag (97KB) by mirror (36KB)

The Art of Bass

art (38KB)


glasses (50KB)


up (65KB) group (36KB)

live (26KB) live (41KB)

live (42KB) live (32KB)


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