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since Oct 29, 1997

Last Update : Feb 9, 2000

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This mailing list is for fans of Mr. Big, Billy Sheehan and Niacin. Originally, this mailing list is for the members of these three fan clubs:
Mr. Big Bug : Mr. Big unofficial fan club in Japan
Bad Billy Club : Billy Sheehan unofficial fan club in Japan
Niacin Club : Niacin fan club in Japan
Even you are not a member of these fan clubs, you are welcome to join this mailing list.



To subscribe, please contact to big-request @


To leave the list, please send:
# bye
# end
to big-ctl @

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To receive digest delivery once a day, please send:
# matome 30d
# end
to big-ctl @

To return to normal distribution, please send:
# matome 0
# end
to big-ctl @


To get a list of the archive, please send:
# summary
# end
to big-ctl @

To get a specific back issue (in this example, from 1 to 100), please send:

# mget 1-100
# end
to big-ctl @


There are three addresses you need to know:
1) big @
this is the list address for messages--when you send a message to this account, it will be echoed to all of the subscribers of this list.
2) big-ctl @
this is the address for command messages. (for example, to get help)
3) big-request @
this is the address that reaches me, the mailing list owner, personally. This address should not echo out to the list.


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