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Last Update : Nov 5, 1999

Nov 1, 1999

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Sep 12, 1998

Talas in Japan

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Aug 22, 1998

Niacin in Japan


Mar 23, 1998

News from Billy

-- The new Niacin has gotten incredible reviews and reaction in the USA! Everyone that's heard it has had great things to say! We are VERY thankful! Pat Torpey loves it too!

-- I'm now mixing the TALAS live re-union album! The audience was VERY loud that night! It was so much fun to play for all my friends in my home town of Buffalo, NY with TALAS--the band that meant so much to me. Even my mom was at the show! She rocked!! We have songs from all the TALAS albums in the show and some that were never recorded as well. The album will be out in Japan soon. I think you are going to love it!!

-- I've recorded a record with Terry Bozio and many other guest's including members of Dream Theatre. I think the album is going to be called "Impacts"--- but I'm not sure. It's very progressive and exciting with a lot of difficult playing and some incredible musical compositions. It will be out soon.

-- I've got my own Bass Strings now!!! The Charlie Stringer company is making a special Billy Sheehan set of strings!!! It's a great honor!!! I've been using his strings for almost 2 years now and they sound and play great!! I designed a special set of strings and they'll be available soon.

-- I'm designing a new kind of bass with Yamaha! It's kind of a secret so far, but it's a whole new type of bass! I'll always use my Yamaha Attitude, but this new bass will be a cool new addition to the Yamaha bass collection. It's not certain yet if it will go into production, but things look VERY good!

-- We are re-designing and rebuilding my web-site!! I've had my archives---over 25 years of photo's, magazine articles and reviews, organized by my assistants. We will be posting on the new web-site all kinds of rare and never before seen photo's, articles, awards-----too much to mention here! It will be completed in mid April( I Hope!).

-- Mr. Big "Lean Into It" is being released in China!!! This is Mr. Bigs first release into mainland China!!

-- I am ABSOLUTELY NOT playing with David Lee Roth! He has spread this rumor and it is not and never was true!

Feb 15, 1998

Niacin promotion in Japan

To the Bad Billy Club members!!

Hello Oslo!

Oct 9, 1997

Niacin in Japan


Sep 13, 1997

Message on the motion picture

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Sep 13, 1997

Howdy folks!!
Welcome to the Bad Billy Club web-page!!

Visit me on my web page also
When you're done here


Don't be shy - write to me!
I love hearing from you!
Your friend,
Billy Sheehan
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Sep 19, 1996

Hello Everybody!!!!!
I love the Niacin home page! What a great honor to have this! I can't wait until we get to Japan to play for you. I hope you enjoy our shows, and I'm looking forward to seeing you all again!
DOMO ARIGATI!!!!!!!!!!!!
Billy Sheehan

May 19, 1996

To all my friends in "BBC"!
I hope you enjoy the NAICIN album!
We hope to come and play for you!!
I love you all!!

Billy Sheehan
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Japanese Fan Club Message:

To all my Friends in Japan, I worked so hard to prepare myself for our "Hey Man" tour. I spent months getting my hands into the best shape and highest ability ever. The inspiration behind that drive was the thought of playing for you. Its such a great honor to have you come to the shows to listen to us. It is the high point of my playing to walk out on the stage in front of you and we then jam together all night. You are up there with me every night, every show, everywhere in the World. It feels GREAT! I love you all and from the top and bottom of my heart, Thank you.

Love & Respect
Billy Sheehan

Hello BBC!!!
I'm honored to have a club like this!!
As I always say...
...YEE HAW!!!!
I hope to see you soon in concert with MR. BIG on our next tour of Japan.
See you soon!!!

Billy Sheehan
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Message from NIACIN


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