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Date: Oct 29, 2003
From: joel

Hey...its nice to know that there are a lot of you guys (and gals) who dig Mr. Big...I'm a BIG fan.I practically spent a lot of nights trying to play their songs. I'm looking for a forum where I can discuss certain topics about the band. Does anyone here know one?

Date: Dec 23, 2003
From: jamece


Date: Oct 29, 2003
From: joel

Hey...its nice to know that there are a lot of you guys (and gals) who dig Mr. Big...I'm a BIG fan.I practically spent a lot of nights trying to play their songs. I'm looking for a forum where I can discuss certain topics about the band. Does anyone here know one?

Date: Sep 16, 2003
From: Trevor Barr

Hey Everyone

This is Trevor Barr from the band Blissed, featuring Robert Sweet from Stryper.
Robert Sweet has a new band, and it happens to be Blissed.
This Band is not Stryper, its just Blissed!
Hear the debut CD from Blissed, “WAKING UP THE DEAD”
You can buy it at www.blissed.biz

You can also hear clips of the disc, join the Blissed forum, see the Blissed racing car
and keep up to date on the latest tour info with the band

Blissed will be heading to Europe to play the WinterWonderRock festival in the
Netherlands November 28th 2003, and plans for another 8 dates in Europe.
Blissed also plans to start touring the USA, during the late part of January.
Stay tuned for dates at

Date: Sep 15, 2003
From: steven roi

i want a mr. big's reunion w/paul gilbert & richie kotzen

Date: Jul 13, 2003
From: Carol M

Hey...Eric be a work in new album solo???
Please...I want now that...ok!!
Carol M"

Date: Jul 1, 2003
From: lena allen

hey this is lena and i would just like to say u guys are really great

Date: Jun 7, 2003
From: Zudin

Hi, im from brunei in southeast asia. Yesterday, My father bought a new guitar then i played with him. Then he show me 1 cool riff. I said "Who played that song".My dad say Paul Gilbert of Mr.Big. Then my father lend me his Mr.Big tape to me . Wow!!!! its beautiful man. Can anyone show me how to play Temperamental plzzz.
Here is my email
MR.BIG Forever the best

Date: May 22, 2003
From: megan

i thank that you are so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Date: Mar 27, 2003
From: emmy

emmy here..just for paul,billy,pat,eric,& richei.I can't give you something except just THX for your music.it was been my imagine til now.your art drawed my life fullcolor.THX SO MUCH FOR ALL..FOR MY LOVE MR.BIG

Date: Mar 14, 2003
From: Chris Huff

all i have to say is that you guys are awesome and a special thanks to pat for doing that drum video it has helped alot. I am only seventeen but you guys are awesome. Rock on!!

Date: Feb 28, 2003
From: delioncourt

Beloved Guys,
We need You all. I'm sure, MR. BIG will be in our hearts and ears:))), forever

Date: Feb 27, 2003
From: Yety

Dear Mr. Big,

I'm your biggest fan from Jakarta, Indonesia. I really miss the touch of your big influence to the music world. When will you release your new album?

I watch you guys performance in Jakarta at about January, 2002..? It was great, and it was a biggest gift from my boyfriend (now my husband) on my 23rd birthday.

Looking forward your performance soon..!! Be on TV again, PLEASE???!!!
Waiting for you all again to comeback to Jakarta, Indonesia.

Love N' Peace,
Yety - Jakarta, Indonesia

Date: Feb 3, 2003
From: delioncourt

Hi, ...Billy.

Yeah, Billy. This time something for You.
Yeah, I don't hide, I feel pissed off with that situation. I can't believe that. Minutes and hours and months may go by, but my heart and my feelings are still the same. I love Mr. Big, I love You, guys, everyone loves YOU, that's the way I want to do something. I won't be quiet. I will fight for You, cause You're priceless. Billy, PLEASE... I've read so many interviews with You, there was so many words, bad words sometimes...why? Tell me, why can't You forgive Eric His little mistakes, You both are quite different, I know, sorry, but You're too intelligent to sit there now and think something like "I'm the greatest, and they didn't see that" No, that's NOT true, Dear Billy. You are THE GREATEST BASS MASTER. U know, there's no need to tell U that. OK, U're the one, who started the band, but how could You start a band without ERIC, PAT, PAUL? no way, Billy. You were a power. Together. But You're too proud to notice that. I loved You Billy as a musician and as a wonderful guy!
. You're so charismatic, so full of rhythm, You've given me and millions of people in over the world SONGS OF SONGS. Songs like a prayers. U must know, They - now I'm talking about the rest of MR. BIG, they respected You. *You were like a brillant for them*. For me too. Is that too hard to believe? I don't think so. You still put the blame on Eric for something, I know, sometimes things went wrong, He's so impulsive, and that's so beautiful. Without Him, like without You there's no Mr. Big. You're a Big Man, stop doing this! Stop talking that bad words... You're too BIG to for do that! Can't U see, life is too short to be still offended. I do realize, U can be upset now. But I won't back down. That's true, Billy. ERIC, PAT, maybe RICHIE, they were crying for Mr. Big when Mr. Big turned to dust. But You weren't there. With no word, no tears, no pain, and no sorrow you're somewhere with Steve or someone else. Is that true? The last "ACTUAL SIZE" is SO good, but I feel there's something I can't name...Something like ...pretension...
No matter. Where are You, Billy, can You hear me? I just want, You forget all the old arguments, reach out your hand to the rest of guys, can't U see, I try to help You all? Don't teell, U need no help. I know U were happy, sometimes were hard, but that was the greatest time. Separately U're VERY OK, but as MR BIG. U were... MR. BIG...don't put the blame on me for that. I love You ALL more than ever. I still miss You more than ever. Just say a word ...

"(...)So I was glad to take my little bit of fame that I had
and spread it out to 3 other guys and make a band. And I just think that they forgot that. I remember singer Eric
Martin on stage one time announcing the band, he announced the drummer and he said: "Pat Torpey, the
leader of Mr.Big, the man who started it all!" And I thought to myself: "What the fuck are you talking about?!" And
I remember Paul Gilbert looking at me on stage when Eric said that, like: "Billy, please don’t kill him until the end
of the show!" And I am happy to say, that I am the only member of Mr.Big who has never hit or struck or
physically attacked Eric Martin! I’m the only one!...(...)

Can You tell me, Billy, what's that...? May I believe, did You arrange a regular duels on a ring?

U know what...? Maybe U felt pissed off that ERIC took up unintentionally Your palm tree of priority. Maybe.
Everyone knows, Billy Sheehan started a band!, OK. But...can You remember that? ...(...)" I love those guys, we're like brothers, no one is Mr. Big. There's no leader..."


Just read on this: (...)"It was Billy`s brain child. He made his first phone call to me
and from than we started the band. It was never intended to be a
Super Group."(...) and so on...


That's Eric's words...sorry.

Do You know, what The real BIG MEN do? Talking to each other. Couldn't tell the rest of guys "Guys, we need to talk. Bring a couple of beer, and lets talk" ...
Try to get ERIC right. Maybe haven't You seen, Pat was kind of the glue, that held Mr. Big together.

He thought, You're one of the funniest people in the world. That You had a lot of mind power.
Maybe He wanted to talk with You, but You weren't there. ...
You were BIG and You'll always will. U made people happier, when You started a BAND, and made people cry, when it broke down. It really depended on You.
You created a masterpiece, which now is destroyed. NOW, YOU HAVE SOME PROOF, AFTER 12 YEARS - You were THE BIGGEST...
Without You the rest of guys didn't want to be a band no longer.
When You had felt so bad, couldn't You sit there and tell what's going on?

Really Big Thing would be, if You try one more time. Don't get offended by this, why did You go away without any explanation?
That was some kind of weird...

I can't believe, that so beautiful-eyed, nice, TALENTED guy like You have a heart which is made by stone. I believe in You, Billy...
NOBODY'S PERFECT. That's just Your pride, hurted pride. You hide deep in Your heart all Your pain and animosities, You turn meticulous. Throw it away...

Billy, reconstruct the band now. I don't ask You. I PLEAD YOU FOR THIS.
Yeah, U can tell now "No way, Little Girl", but ..please..
There was no violence, but there was silence. Silence which could kill. Even me could hear that silence.

BUT I STILL BELIEVE, YOU'RE GOOD-HEARTED MAN, I BELIEVE IN YOU. I love Your music. I admire You. With all of those guys, I think, You're Mr. Big... Perfect name for Billy Sheehan...really.



Date: Jan 31, 2003
From: delioncourt

Oh, Evelynn, You're right:))) But,just think 10 times, before You say "BIG LOVE". It's not our private war, it would be ridicoulous, but I can tell You , what "the real love" mean. Since years I love Mr. Big, that's special kind of love, U feel it? No one knows, what "the love" mean, it would be known after long years. ERIC, yep, he is Great...:*** But Evelynn, You're so Young...

I wish You good luck!


Date: Jan 30, 2003
From: Evelynn

Hi, I'm Evelynn from a small country named Belgium I'm 18 years old I'm a photographer and a singer. First of all I want to say that since I was five years old I've been a great fan of Mr.Big !! Whenever I saw "To be with you" on TV I started crying..not because I was sad but because I'd never meet the man of my dreams ;Eric Martin! He looks sooooooo great in that clip whenever I watch it on the internet I fall in love again on an image of what the perfect man should be.... I wish Eric,Paul ,Pat,...alot of luck with their careers and maybe if they find the time they could visit us here in Belgium,I don't think so but let me know if one of them does.....
BIG kis from me

Date: Jan 23, 2003
From: delioncourt

Dear MR. BIG...,
Yeah, Mr. Big...Forever the greatest and alive.
But You know what, Billy? I'm pissed off. I'm pissed off for You. You don't realize, what a miracle U'd destroyed. Why? Can't You see, You're The Greatest Bass Master in the Uniwerse, so, we don't need lies. You hadn't been fired! You quit! You crushed to the dust my love. I love ALL MR. BIG FOREVER, no one can prohibit me doing it. Billy, I had to write You that. Don't be angry... That's true... I'm sure, no one but me love Mr. Big so much. Since the very beginning., That's the way I can't be indifferent to that sic situation. You as a person, ERIC, Billy, Pat, Paul, Richie are GREAT, but as a BAND U're unbeatable.
Nobody won in this. It hurts like hell...
Lies are great subjects of songs, but Billy, U're a BIG MAN, U don't need'em. Eric was always my beloved, but in my opinion, You ALL are so magnificent, You don't need no discriptions or introductions. Everyone knows You. Ups and downs, shit happens. But I can't agree with Your decision. It was a real BIG mistake this time. Throw away Your pride, reach out Your Big Hand to the rest of GUYS and tell, You're wrong. Just one time.
You never die to me. I can see You, what are U doing now, that's ok. But I need MR. BIG. 12 years ago You gave me and millions of people in the whole world the GREATEST GIFT. 12 Years and so now? Billy, may I suggest You something? Give Them one chance to reunion. Give Yourself one. Please, don't let my heart bleeding, just hear a little girl, who love Mr. Big ...like You've never been loved before. Believe me, I can see a chance, don't let Your anger be bigger than Your full-of-music hearts. No one know, I can give all I have for Your reunion...
I hope, my letter won't be for a deaf ears...Please, it's so easy, write me or here a few words...Give me a reason to happiness.
Give me a piece of strength, I try to give You. That's not impossible...
Am I alone here? No!!!! i CAN'T believe that...One of You, THREE of You are good-hearted men, I think. Give me a reason for loving You more...
but I don't think, that could be possible...
Too many bad words are spoken, too many bad things are done...
You need one another. I need You like an oxygen to breath.
I know, you tried to be the best, and that was great, but that's the way, You were never as bonded as a true friends.
Now... Try to find one another, for real friendship. Remember, You're still the best, still the one.

I can't believe, I'm the one, who dare to tell You that.
Because I don't let Mr. Big die.
Throw away Your anger, try to recall tha! Get Over It, Lean Into It, Bump Ahead, Your wonderful long hair, (don't put the blame on me, I'm not in love ONLY in your hair, but I must to admit, You're looking so sexy and great...)
Try to recall Your greatest time!

You have to know, what The True Love mean...
Forever Yours,


Date: Jan 20, 2003
From: delioncourt

Beloved ALL,
Am I rude or obtrusive I write it all? No. I'm not.
I just say a thing, which is more important than everything in the whole world.
U can laugh at me, I don't care, cause that's my world and my own opinion.
But U must to know, I've been crying hard every night since months. I have a bad neurosis, and it deteriorated when I've learned of MR. BIG break-up. No kidding this time. I love You, Guys, since the very beginning. You lent me Your hands when I was little girl who was grewing up and who needed to know, what the "true love" means. Now I'm a little bit older, but i feel the same. I need You ALL. You, Eric, Paul, Billy, Pat, Richie.
My world crushed. You have to know, to someone You mean more than everything. More than all world's money, more than the latest Fender Strat, more than...
You shoulda know, how I feel. That's how I feel.
I believe in Good Lord, even if some people tell, that's not true and so on. I believe in miracles too. But the most I believe in LOVE. True love. That's the way I pray everyday. I pray for Your come back. From the bottom of my heart I know, You feel it too. You do want to do it. You need one another.
Don't be angry for me for saying that. I've said that because there's no bigger Heavy Rock Band. You have to know, blah, U know IT all! You're the biggest and You'll always will!
ERIC has cool band. OK. Billy, Pat, Paul, Richie are still on the road too.
But when I stay sidelong, I see all that pain. I can see it, I can read it in every word You say or write. Even if You disagree with me, I itknow. I know all the story. I need no more. Now I beg You one more time: Don't be angry with me. I just want to tell, You're wonderfull together. Every note I play on my guitar, every word of Your songs I sing bring out tears in my eyes.
You're power. Together. Separatly too... but, please, try to get me right! It's too late to blame other. Enough. Too much pain. Can't You throw away all the animosities, and reach out Your hands?...Please, do IT. For You. For me. Or with no special reason.

I just want, even though You can read IT. What can I do more ? I'm a rose alone...A little bit older, more sensitive. But I love You the same as 12 years ago. More.
All I can do now is ask You for reading that. You can say, life goes on. that's not true. Can I expect just a word from You? Just a response...


Date: Jan 18, 2003
From: delioncourt

It does not matter, what are You doin' this moment or where are You, I just want to tell You ALL, I love You, and I want the most to see You one more time TOGETHER. I know what I've said. Mr. Big IS IMMORTAL. And no one can destroy it. Never. There's no way to destroy that priceless miracle.
P.S. I can do nothin' more than to ask You for thinking about that. That's not impossible.

Date: Jan 15, 2003
From: IbaneZ_PG-SeRiEs_II Ersan




If u have another technic in playing guitar.
pls paul send it to my mail.

Indonesia/south east asia

Date: Jan 13, 2003
From: delioncourt

Hi Everyone. Hi ERIC and Paul, Pat, Billy and Richie. Hi All Mr. Big.
No, please, don't tell me, Mr. Big will be no longer together. I've had enough. I know eveything, even if I'm not there. Don't be angry
for saying that. It hurts like hell. Maybe You can tell, I'm a nuts, but I just want to tell You, I'm the one who love You like You've
never been loved before. I'm just a "little girl", lonely somewhere deep in the dark, sittin' with a guitar on my lap. Maybe I'm so young,
You may think, "young and stupid" but don't do that. Please. I've known and loved You since 12 years. Eric, when I heard Your voice first
time, I knew there's no bigger singer in the whole world, who can touch my thirsty heart so gently, and who can tell and show me how
feelings can be built and destroyed.
Eric, You've given me more than You've ever known, You can give.
You've taught me how to give love, when sometimes love is hard to take. Love is cruel, an ideal love is almost impossible. But I'm an
idealist, and I'll dare to say, You're too. We both know, and we both dream. We still dream...
You've given me the greatest gift I've ever got. "My New Religion", which became my everynight's prayer. I have not enough words to say,
how much this Song of Songs means to me. I can't to define it. You can laugh at me, but I can see This Song like that. A miracle can speak
its own tongue. It needs no definition. "My New Religion" is so beautiful, I can't describe it, even if I'm a poet. Yes, really I am:)
It's so sad to me , my entry stay with no response. I need some attention, I need to know, You, Eric, sometimes read my entries. All I
need is some kind words from You. I'm strong enough, to wait for Your letter a long time. What can I do to stir up Your reaction?
I don't wanna be brash, or tell You what You ought to do. That's Your own decission. I just ask You, for Your attention. And to thank You
for everything.
And now I just wanna to tell Billy something. And the Wonderful Guys of Mr. Big. You're THE BIGGEST AND YOU'LL ALWAYS WILL. But Billy,
what have you done...?
Why? I just want to ask you, Billy, the biggest, greatest bass-master in the whole world. Why did you hurt me so much? Why did you let
your fans cry?
Mr. Big's breakup...
I'm still in a state of shock. Billy, please, sign in on that guestbook, or in mine. Tell us something! I want to cut that silence! We
need to know, It's due us all. It's due me!!! Don't be angry, Billy. You're a King of Bass, we just want to answer to us question!
I don't wanna to offend Billy, but I think, he ought to do something, to clear up this sic situation. Billy, Please, send me just a short
letter, and tell, what's goin' on. I know what I know, but I want to know Your opinion.

P.S. Eric, and All Mr. Big - thank You for saving my life. No kidding this time, but this is a long story...

DON'T DELETE my e-mail address, please.///

Date: Jan 3, 2003
From: delioncourt

I know, U're so angry, IT was so hart to us all. But try to read more about it. Maybe this will be clearer to you.
I love Mr. Big for ages. And no one and nothing can change my love. Life is brutal...

Date: Jan 2, 2003
From: delioncourt

Hello after X-Mass. I hope it was the time of love and relax. OK, I know timetable of Eric's and other guys's gigs. The end of 2002 was very hard, right? But I know You've done a big piece of good work. It was a real good work. Now, with no unnecesary introductions, I just want to wish You Eric and You Paul, Pat and Billy a wonderful New Year, a llllllllooooot of BIG GIGS, and new strength to fight with everyday's troubles. Stay Gold. see U soon. Special thanks to Beloved Eric - U're a Ray of Sun in my hard life.

Date: Jan 2, 2003
From: Johnny Rockets Joe

Masako, are you here? This is Joe, from Johnny Rockets in 1992, Roppongi. You had my Johnny Rockets poster. I had to leave. I don't have your address anymore. I think this is your post:
Date: Aug 20, 2001
From: Masako

Mr Big fired Billy Sheehan!?!?! This is so crazy. How can they fire Billy. I don't listen "actual size". Never again I'm a fan. We love you Billy
Masako, I want to say "hello"

please email me joevogt2@attbi.com



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