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Last Update : Dec 18, 1997


Dec 18, 1997

Paul's solo tour in Japan
March 12th / 19:00 / Nagoya : Nagoya Club Quattro
March 13th / 18:30 / Osaka : Umeda Heat Beat
March 15th / 17:00 / Tokyo : Shinjuku Liquid Room
March 16th / 19:00 / Tokyo : Shinjuku Liquid Room

Dec 16, 1997

Message from Paul
New message from Paul

Dec 15, 1997

Paul Gilbert will come to Japan in next March
Paul Gilbert will be on the road in Japan in next March. In Osaka, he will play at Umeda Heat Beat in March 13th.

Dec 3, 1997

Drawing by Paul Gilbert
Special drawing by Paul Gilbert

Dec 3, 1997

Paul Gilbert King of Clubs on sale
Paul Gilbert King of Clubs on sale at November 27th.
  1. Champagne
  2. Vinyl
  3. Girls Who Can Read Your Mind
  4. I'm Just In Love
  5. The Jig
  6. Girlfriend's Birthday
  7. Bumblebee
  8. Streetlights
  9. My Naomi
  10. Double Trouble
  11. Million Dollar Smile
  12. The Jam
  13. I Do (Bonus Track)
First single "Vinyl"
  1. Vinyl
  2. Red Rooster (Non-LP Bonus Track)
  3. Family (Non-LP Bonus Track)

Nov 24, 1997

E-mail address of Paul
E-mail address of Paul
Paul said "I can't promise to answer e-mails but I will definetely read them".

Nov 8, 1997

Message from Paul
Message from Paul

Oct 28, 1997

Mailing list in English
Mailing list in English

Oct 4, 1997

Paul Gilbert solo album
Paul Gilbert solo album "King of Clubs" will be released November 25th.

Oct 4, 1997

Eric Martin solo album
Eric Martin solo album will be released in next spring.

Oct 1, 1997

"Live at Budokan"
MR. BIG "Live at Budokan" will be released at November 5th. Scheduled date was October 25th.

Oct 1, 1997


Sep 26, 1997

Single "I Love The Way You Love Me" on sale in Japan
On sale from Sep 25. Include two version "I Love The Way You Love Me". Other tracks are "The Face Of Love", "The American Dream" and message from Eric.

Sep 25, 1997

Paul Gilbert play for Hoshino Gakki
Paul Gilbert and Steve Vai etc. play for Hoshino Gakki (Ibanez) 90th Anniversary Special Event in Tokyo at October 24.

Sep 6, 1997

Paul's and Eric's solo albums
Paul's solo album will be released in October. Eric's solo album will be released in November.

Aug 3, 1997

Paul's solo
Rumor: Paul make solo album with Bruce Bouillet (ex. RACER X, THE SCREAM).

Jul 28, 1997

New live album
Rumor: Mr. Big's live album will be released in October.

Apr 8, 1997

Mailing List
Mailing List for MBB, BBC, NIACIN CLUB has started.

30 Mar, 1997

Pat Torpey's fan event in Japan [Japanese only]

30 Mar, 1997

MR. BIG has come to Japan.
MR. BIG was appeared on the TV program "Music Station". They played "To Be With You" and "Stay Together".

30 Mar, 1997

MR. BIG Fan Club Admission [Japanese only]



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